Supplying the highest quality e-liquid since 2008

Mr Wicked’s Premier E-liquid

Mr Wicked’s Premier E-liquid is the culmination of 10 years e-liquid experience.

Perfecting the craft of e-liquid since 2008, Mr Wicked’s is Totally Wicked’s magnum opus. The very best of e-liquids, 8 exciting flavours crafted for an incredible vaping experience.

Mr Wicked’s Premier. 10 years of e-liquid expertise… bottled.

• 4 Strengths (0.3, 0.6, 1.0 & 1.6%)
• 8 Flavours
• 10ml bottles packaged in custom-made tins
• Sourced and made in the UK
• The PG:VG ratio of each e-liquid is tailored to enhance the flavour and deliver the ultimate vaping experience

Red Label e-liquid

Designed and produced using only the best UK products, the Red Label range is one of the most superior available and we believe offers the very best value for money.

These fluids have been tested thoroughly, allowing the Red Label range to be honed to the level of quality and consistency that we believe supports our claims that Totally Wicked Red Label is the best quality UK produced e-liquid.

• 6 Strengths (0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.0, 1.4 & 1.8%)
• Over 50 Flavours
• 10ml bottles
• Sourced and made in the UK
• PG/VG % Ratio: 50/50

Otium CBD vape-liquid

Otium CBD vape-liquid has been exclusively designed for use in vaping devices and is formulated using only the highest purity CBD isolate ingredient.

Manufactured by a trusted, sector-leading supplier of e-liquid to the UK market, Otium CBD Vape-liquid is available in four great tasting flavours. .

• 3 Strengths (100, 300 & 600mg)
• 4 Flavours
• 10ml bottles
• Sourced and made in the UK

Symphonic Nic-Salt e-liquid

This is a sophisticated blend of the latest advances in e-liquid flavour formulation and indulgent vaping.
Carefully crafted to provide a controlled throat hit, big clouds and an even bigger flavour profile, Symphonic goes against e-liquid convention. It provides you with a next generation nicotine salt formula within a high VG base..

• 4 Strengths (0.3, 0.6, 1.0 & 1.6%)
• 12 Flavours
• Next generation nic-salt formulation
• 10ml bottles
• Sourced and made in the UK
• PG/VG % Ratio: 35/65

Diavlo e-liquid

With flavours influenced by Film Noir meets the Godfather with a London twist, we bring you Diavlo.

Born from a passion for the highest quality e-liquid and influenced by the underbelly of London, our Diavlo range has higher VG content meaning when using the right hardware, you can create thick, opulent clouds of vapour. But for everyday vaping it will deliver a smooth hit that encompass lavish flavours remaining perfectly balanced, for an impeccable all day vape.

• 3 Strengths (0.3, 0.6 & 1.0%)
• 22 Flavours
• 10ml bottles
• Sourced and made in the UK
• PG/VG % Ratio: 25/75

Titan e-liquid

Our Titan range of fluid has been available since 2009. Such was the positive feedback from our customers on the menthol and tobacco e-liquids available then, we decided to build the range to which it is today.

The range is made exclusively for TW by our primary partner Joyetech; produced in Joyetech’s own specially developed fluid production facility, run to European standards of quality and product specification.

• 3 Strengths (6, 11 & 18mg)
• 23 Flavours (only selected flavours available in store)
• 10ml bottles
• Exclusive to Totally Wicked
• PG/VG % Ratio: 70/30

Patriot e-liquid

Our USA manufacturing partner produces our exclusive Totally Wicked Patriot Range. It was developed to offer some distinctive North American flavours; really bold and striking flavours that we are very proud of.
The Patriot Range could never be called bashful!

The Patriot Range is made with only the best ingredients, and to ensure this, we independently procure the best quality nicotine from our UK nicotine supplier and provide this as the Patriot Range’s base nicotine.

• 4 Strengths (6, 10, 14 & 18mg)
• 40 Flavours (only selected flavours available in store)
• 10ml bottles
• Made in the USA
• PG/VG % Ratio: 70/30

These products are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers.